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About the Twilight Avengers

The Twilight Avengers are a cooperative, raiding kinship based out of the pacific time zone. Members of the Twilight Avengers are marked by a strong team spirit of having fun while surmounting the greatest challenges available within Telara and Middle Earth. Our strongest value is the pleasurable company that comes with teamwork and organization. We do not seek to cull our weakest links; rather, success or defeat is always sweeter when done with company you enjoy.

Since its inception in EverQuest, the Twilight Avengers have bred close relationships between its members, and have always had a tradition of welcoming new members. Twilight Avengers is dedicated to maintaining a quality organization that provides the organizational skills to ensure its members enjoy their play time, but also has the skills to conquer all of Rift and LOTRO's challenges. Our guild structure is based upon the idea that when every member respects each other, we do not need many rules to govern our behavior.

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TeamSpeak server upgraded to

by CaptSvensson, 112 days ago

I have upgraded the TeamSpeak server to run; as always, feel free to PM me or contact me via other means if you notice anything strange. For the past several years, this server has been running well and I do not anticipate any issues with the upgrade. -Svensson

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TeamSpeak server upgraded to 3.0.12

by CaptSvensson, 312 days ago

Hi everyone, I have updated the TeamSpeak 3 server we run to be running version 3.0.12, which is the latest. Everything is running normally and please contact me if you find any problems with the server. -Svensson

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Merry Christmas to all Twilight Avengers!

by CaptSvensson, 356 days ago

I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas (or any other holidays you may celebrate) this year! I have been very busy this year, but I had a great time. Even though I wasn't able to game with everyone as much as prior years, I still think fondly back to all the games we played together. And part of me knows that we'll be doing it again! I hope everyone else has had a great year and that you have found the time to enjoy some great games. -Svensson

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