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PostPosted: 06/08/2016 6:34 pm    Post subject:

9am?!  Wod will tell you I'm usually non-functional till around 10 but who knows, I might be there.  I'm in GW2 sometimes, and LotRO some so hit me up in the TS channel if you are on and see me there.  My guys are still playing in the gear they've had forever and I have no clue about the new mechanics for weapons or armor.  Gotta learn it all over again.  See ya soon.



Wodholm Stoutheart
PostPosted: 06/07/2016 9:50 am    Post subject: Lotro Help...Runtimes

Hi Ebon,

Thanks for posting.  Those times will work, I think.  I'm sure you can find Ark on in the evenings.  I don't generally log in then, as that's time I spend with the missus; but on the rare occasion I do, it would be at or around then.  However; saturday mornings could potentially work for grouping, as long as we set it up beforehand.  I work three Saturdays out of four, so generally I don't make plans for those days.  We could easily run an hour or two on any given Saturday, more if I can plan a run on my off weekend.


I expect I'll need to dust off Wod, and try to get him some decent DA gear for starters.  Other than that it's wide open.  See you in Middle-Earth.



PostPosted: 06/06/2016 4:39 pm    Post subject: guild house

Also Wod and Ark, I've been dumping a few essences into the guild chest, you are welcome to any of them if you need it.  I think there are a few greater block/parry/evades in there and I have a few more of other types if you need.


PostPosted: 06/06/2016 4:37 pm    Post subject: Thanks all

Suri, thanks for the invite its much appreciated.  I'd like however to stick to the brandywine server.  My son and I are on this and it makes it easier with the guild house and associated stuff there.


Ark and Wod,

I'll start making an effort to be on at about 10 pm CST on a regular basis.  I'll fire you an invite if I see you on the kin list.  If that's too late for you, I'll also try to be on on Sat or Sun mornings about 9 am CST.  Let me know if either of these times works for you.  Right now I've got a 103 RK who hasn't started the Eastern Gondor/ Far Anorian stuff (been leveling him in skirmishes) and a 100 Mini with no gear (I cheated and GOV'd him from 50-95).  He's in Dol Amaroth as well.  Ebon (105 htr) is not full geared but has a bunch of dol amaroth gear and essences and a fully leveled first age imbued bow in case we get into trouble.

Thanks for the responses,


Wodholm Stoutheart
PostPosted: 06/01/2016 9:59 pm    Post subject:

Hi All,

I'm still kicking around LOTRO myself, with an aborted sidetrip to Guild Wars 2 and a dysfunctional kinship ( but that's another story...)  I really regret not having more playing time, since I'm still on night shift, on a 7 day schedule.  Add college classes to that and it becomes a recipie for disaster as far as MMO play time goes.  With that being said, I echo Ebon and Suri's comments.  Is anyone  out there interested in running some content?  It really doesn't matter what content, just something to get us back together and get some life in the kin for any who are interested.


Ark and I are running alts on Crickhollow server in the mornings for short runs when I am available, but we can just as easily swap over to toons on B-wine and run with any who are interested.  Again, for the most part, my regular availability is in the mornings, eastern standard time, for an hour or two, but it's something at least.  If there's some interest I can publish my days off, when we could set up longer runs.  If there's a definite commitment I can put on my calendar, I can clear my schedule and hang out  the "Dial 1-800-Let-MeBe" shingle, and go gaming.


We have toons in any range of levels.  Wodholm is waiting around Dol Amroth at level 100, which was the level cap until recently, so I've not run any of the new content in Gondor past there.  As I mentioned, I've got toons ranging from 20 to 90 in between.


Anyone interested in running please respond to this post with potential times and days and I'll see what we can put together.




PostPosted: 05/30/2016 5:39 pm    Post subject: Help

Hiya Ebon

  I saw you online last week and tried to message you but either you didn't see it or it didn't go thru because I got no reply.  I play occasionally with my hunter and some with my mini (who is a dps guy not healer).  I am trying to play catch up on the newer mechanics and haven't got my gear updated yet.  I've just be wandering around and doing quests in the new areas.  If you see me on, tag me and maybe we can help each other.



PostPosted: 05/24/2016 10:39 pm    Post subject:


I am currently playing LOTRO, but I moved from the Brandywine server. It had gotten pretty bad with all of the Russian players, and their walls of Russian text in world chat. I play on the Arkenstone server now. I am lvl 105 on my guard. If you are interested in moving, you are more than welcome to come paly with the kin I'm playing with.


PostPosted: 05/23/2016 1:02 pm    Post subject: Lotro Help!!!

Dear fellow Avengers,

I don't know how many of you are interested in Lotro anymore, but there are a bunch of new quests in the expansions since isengard and the level cap is at 105.  The late stage game mechanics with essences and imbued items are vastly different.  More importantly, for those of us who are still in we need some good players back.  I spent the better part of the day yesterday trying to get public aid for some T2 instances.  Not only was it spotty, it was downright depressing.  the minstrals suck, guards that don't know how to tank, massive hurry up an waits and on and on and on.  Please send me a note on the forum if any of you are still interested and I'll help you out to level 105, let me know when and where.  If not, let me know as well.  Hope to see you soon.

Ebondark (Greg)