1. We are a team. This kinship does not solely exist for doing end-game content together, it exists because we enjoy each other's company. We value the fact that we are teammates, and because of that, we put the kinship and our friendships first.

  2. We are individuals. This is a kinship of volunteers, we will not ask players to lead any instance/quest, or play a class, or equip traits that he or she does not want to. We will never enforce quotas, nor deny/admit membership to this kinship solely based upon class or traits. It is your right as a player to battle effectively in the method of your choosing, and this kinship will stand or fall based upon our choices.

  3. We are all responsible. This kinship is based upon the contributions of time and effort from its members. Members are expected to responsibly balance helping the kinship as a whole with their own interests; this kinship will stand or fall based upon our choices.

  4. We are independent. This kinship does not centralize resources or tax its members. Whatever loot/gold/items you earn/create/find are yours and yours alone. This kinship will never force you to give up anything for another member. Participation in kinship crafting is always voluntary, and you will be paid fairly and in full.

  5. We are skilled. This kinship believes skilled players trump class mix. We believe that attention to detail, knowledge of your class, and observation are the keys to success. We believe in what works, not orthodoxy. We enjoy stiff challenges, and learning to overcome them. We define failure not as death, but giving up. We are not afraid to develop and evaluate new ideas.

  6. We are idealists. This kinship does things differently because we believe we can do better. We do not believe that social histronics and personal conflicts are inevitable parts of being a raiding kinship. We have done many things considered impossible with a small, varied team, and we will not give up our standards.