Our rules are few and simple:

  1. Be prompt. If you sign up for an event, log on early, get ready, and get in position. If you cannot, we understand real life takes precedence over the game; explain why you were unable to meet your commitment and everyone will understand. Please be considerate to your fellowships and raids; do not delay them by continuing quests or asking everyone to wait.

  2. Be polite. Don't be afraid to say what you mean or what you feel. As adults we are not afraid to disagree politely. We try to resolve disagreements with common sense and compromises. Anything that cannot be agreed upon can still be done politely.

  3. Be responsible. Your time is your own, we have no rules on how you spend it. Members are encouraged to spend time together to have fun and build teamwork; but you are responsible for balancing out your own priorities with that of the guild.

  4. Be reasonable. This guild is composed of adults, each of whom has a unique viewpoint. Understand that we play together to have fun; what we agree upon together is more important than what we disagree about.

  5. Be dependable. Verbally take responsibility for your mistakes if they affect others. In a raid environment, clear communication of responsibility keeps the raid moving and fun. If you make a mistake, take responsibility for it and everyone will not only understand, but trust you more.