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re: Guild meeting, Tuesday April 4th, 7pm PT/10pm ET


Guild meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month at 7pm PT/10pm ET. At this meeting, we'll discuss any new games anyone has discovered or is anticipating, and see how the activity times for Lord of the Rings Online and Black Desert Online are working out for everyone. If anyone has any other topics to discuss, please feel free to post them here in a response to raise interest. Meeting minutes will be posted in an update to this post.




1. New TeamSpeak3 server. I have registered a permanent IP address with Amazon, our hosting provider. Unfortunately this means I need everyone to change their TS3 bookmarks one more time, and that's the last time this will happen again. The new TS3 server address is: The old TS3 server will remain up for at least a month, but the MOTD and all channels will be changed to point to the new server. In all respects, the new TS3 server is a clone of the older one, so everything should be just as it was before.

2. LOTRO leveling runs. Wodholm has raised the idea of leveling runs for those returning to LOTRO. I think that's a great idea, and we can either improvise the days or set up a regular day. Given how irregular people's days are, I think improvising may be the best bet for now until something better presents itself.

3. MMORPGs to look forward to. The games of Camelot Unchained (Svensson), Star Citizen (Yansansan) and Ship of Heroes (Allihandra/Tocanis) are the current slate of MMORPG's that we are looking forward to as a possible reunion game.


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Wodholm Stoutheart
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re: Alt and Main levelling runs.


Hi All,

Not sure I'll make the meeting, as its a worknight  for me, but I wanted to raise the issue of leveling runs for returning players.  Since most of us that have reached level cap on our mains have alts at close to cap, I was wondering if any players interested in returning to LOTRO wanted to put together off-night runs to help level to cap.  As my schedule is working right now, I can pretty reliably commit to one additional night per week to help anyone out that wants it.  I'm generally available from 7 p.m. eastern until 9 or 10.  (Longer times available on days when I don't have to work the next day!)


We've been having great fun running new and old content and using kin run nights to attempt to gear up, so more folks would be very welcome.  I would like to be able to gear up to run some of the T2C content that I've never seen, and one day possibly run the newest twelve man "Throne of the Dread Terror".  I will say, the new content is extremely challenging on T2!  It's nice to have "not faceroll" content again.


Additionally, if we do runs "just for fun", I wouldn't mind  grouping up to do some of the meta-deeds that are still in my log.  (In Their Absence quest chain comes to mind, for instance...)


Hope  to see you all in-game!


Best Regards,


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