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The Twilight Avengers are a cooperative, raiding kinship based out of the pacific time zone. Members of the Twilight Avengers are marked by a strong team spirit of having fun while surmounting the greatest challenges available within Telara and Middle Earth. Our strongest value is the pleasurable company that comes with teamwork and organization. We do not seek to cull our weakest links; rather, success or defeat is always sweeter when done with company you enjoy.

Since its inception in EverQuest, the Twilight Avengers have bred close relationships between its members, and have always had a tradition of welcoming new members. Twilight Avengers is dedicated to maintaining a quality organization that provides the organizational skills to ensure its members enjoy their play time, but also has the skills to conquer all of Rift and LOTRO's challenges. Our guild structure is based upon the idea that when every member respects each other, we do not need many rules to govern our behavior.

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Shutting down TA GuildLaunch site by 2020

by CaptSvensson, 229 days ago

Hey everyone! I wanted to let everyone know that I'm planning on shutting down our GuildLaunch website by 2020. With the rise of Discord as an integrated VOIP, chat, and message board system with robust role systems, multi-platform clients and a bot system, GuildLaunch has been supplanted as the tool of choice. I plan on spending 2019 looking for a way to archive all our message board data, and if everything goes smooth, end the subscription on Jan 1st, 2020.

Our Discord server invite link is https://discord.gg/W4KrPC6, I can almost always be reached on Discord if anyone has any questions or wants to chat!


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