Who We Are

The Twilight Avengers are a multi-game guild/kinship on the Guild Wars 2, Jade Quarry server,  Rift: Planes of Telara, Defiant/Greybriar and Lord of the Rings, Brandywine server. We are a diverse, stable, and tight-knit community of adults who primarily enjoy the most difficult of end-game raids and content. We are all a team, and we take pride on our teamwork, and enjoy finding ways to improving our relationships with each other. We enjoy accomplishing the impossible, teaching each other new things, and enjoy the sense of community that comes from overcoming shared difficulties. We do things the right way, rather than using exploits, bugs, or loopholes that are eventually patched.

Our Goals

Our goal is to maintain a stable community that is able to progress through the end-game content in a way that is fun, original, and satisfying. We understand that it is easier to reach and defeat end-game content, but much harder to maintain a community. All of us tired of watching kinships form and implode with regularity. All of our members are interested in raiding content, and understand that a raiding kinship is forged together with hard effort, not born out of a vacuum. We have slain the Watcher in the Water, beaten the legendary challenge of the Battle of Lorien, and slain Nornuan using configurations other players considered impossible. Our long-term goal is to continue to have fun meeting the challenges of end-game MMORPGs together as a team.

Our Methods

Many of our members enjoy deconstructing the game and understanding the underlying mechanics. We enjoy testing things ourselves and basing our conclusions on those tests. Our members take pride in being able to adapt, adjust, and overcome in situations that most claim are hopeless. We disdain the use of bugs/exploits to diminish the challenge to ourselves. Most importantly, Twilight Avengers helps every member be what they want to be, whether it's an accomplished raider or a great player of their class. We understand that although raiding requires effort to be possible, we play to have fun, and to enjoy challenging ourselves.

Our Playtimes

Members of Twilight Avengers are spread through out the continental United States and Canada. Our play times are focused on the Pacific West coast or late night East Coast schedule. Our members are typically on between 7pm PST and midnight PST every day of the week.